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Portraiture is a subject I have returned to throughout my career. I prefer informal poses, perhaps engaged in a favourite activity, which for me helps to capture a person's essence. When the subject of a painting feels they have been portrayed as they see themselves, and as others see them, it's one of my greatest satisfactions as an artist.

As my portraits are infrequent, I find it a wonderful test of muscle memory in mixing the tones for different skin colours.

CHE2019 Oil on canvas 81.5x61cm, 2021

Nick Oil on canvas 50x50cm, 2014

Barb Oil on canvas 50x50cm, 2013

Oxley Oil on canvas 40x40cm, 2013

MB Oil on canvas 45x45cm, 2012 Awarded First Prize, Grace Emily Portrait Prize

Beautiful Bek Oil on canvas 45x45cm, 2010

Tom Oil on canvas 45x45cm, 2009

In my element Oil on canvas 122x91cm, 2008

Accessories for the Charming Oil on canvas 71x91cm, 2007 Awarded First Prize, Adelaide Cathedral Art Show

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