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In 2009 I focused on painting tonal realist still life compositions, using inherited objects which included pristine porcelains, vintage fabrics, an old wind vane and old kitchen tins. I found myself interested in their inherent beauty; both those which have maintained their original pristine condition and those which are showing the wear and tear of time and use. By painting these objects my intention was to draw others to the beauty, which in their three-dimensional everyday state can be overlooked.


Other paintings explore the highly recognisable silhouette of an object, and contained within the silhouette are objects or scenes which express a personality or relationship.

Sally goes hunting Oil on canvas 101x76cm, 2009

After the hunt Oil on canvas 30x60cm, 2010

The pheasant has landed Oil on canvas 81x122cm, 2009

Rock-a-bye bear in champagne bucket Oil on canvas 91x61cm, 2010

Jungle friends Oil on canvas 76x51cm, 2009

Sitting Pretty Oil on canvas 76x91cm, 2009

Green budgie sitting pretty Oil on canvas 106x71cm, 2009

Yellow budgie sitting pretty Oil on canvas 106x71cm, 2009

Funny Money Oil on canvas 61x51cm, 2007

Fabulous Shoe Oil on canvas 61x51cm, 2007

Sago plain flour Oil on canvas 60x40cm, 2009

Sugarpot keys Oil on canvas 60.5x50.5cm, 2009

Head of buttons Oil on canvas 51x41cm, 2010

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